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Selling to the C is the your spot to learn what works and doesn’t work in Marketing and Sales. We cover everything from growth hacking to sales techniques. From prospecting tips & tricks to conversion rate optimization on your e-commerce site, we’ve got you covered. Listen, we’ve made mistakes that have cost us millions over the years. Learn from us – make more money with us – and share your successes with us.

Selling to the C is Here to Grow Your Business By 100%, 200%, 300% or MORE!.

Selling to the C gives you all the tools you need to build great B2B and B2C Relationships.Learn how to GROW YOUR TRAFFIC, INCREASE YOUR LEADS, CONVERT MORE CUSTOMERS to grow your business dramatically.

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    Want Faster Growth? Use This Simple Trick!

    The One Simple Trick To Building Your Business Faster? It's Not a Marketing Hack - It Is A Mindset So, we all do it - we write articles on marketing that make it [...]

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    So You Want To Compete With Amazon

    A Smaller Retailer's Guide to E-Commerce Survival - Learn How To Skirmish With Amazon & Win! For the average smaller retailer, winning on the internet seems impossible. You can’t compete with the biggest players in [...]

  • Is Store Within A Store + In-Store Pickup The Savior For Traditional Retail?

    According to Internet Retailer, non-store sales (web & catalog) grew 3x as fast as in-store sales. That isn't hugely surprising. Online is changing everything from fashion to groceries. So, let's not even consider that [...]



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Selling to the C gives you the tools that you need to create more opportunity for you and your business. Take control of where you want to go. Build YOUR and effectiveness and create DRAMATIC GROWTH for your business.

This isn’t theory. This is down and dirty tactics to explode your business growth.

We’ve been there. Struggling to pay the bills, trying to make ends meet. But we’ve distilled what we’ve learned into simple advice that you can use to make your life better today.

Tim is one of the most knowledgeable people i have ever met about emerging technologies. He has a vision that most others do not have in terms of digital-related marketing and new technologies.” – Suzy Sandberg – Founder, S-3 Digital


Tim is a fast forward strategic thinker, a master on the digital marketing front. His strong business acumen encapsulates a strong understanding of the benefits of multi-channel distribution, new technology, and profitability. He brings intelligence and relevancy to the digital game and is a master at unifying teams. His ability to boost and grow online sales while being transparent, is empowering and inspirational.” – Marion Sharkey, VP Business Development


Tim is the type of go-getter every company needs… He knows how to guide customers through the sales process and close the deals. I would highly recommend him to any organization that is trying to grown their business.Lee Andron – Director of Strategy


I have been impressed with his forward thinking, the endless creative ideas and his overall success in business without compromising his core values.” – Kelly McCoy Williams – Director of Sales


In mere weeks, my business had grown 5 fold, and there were so many opportunities, I could not believe it.” – Josh Tretakoff – Director of Loyalty



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