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7 Great Backlink Building Guides

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Backlink Building Is Still King For Developing Search Authority If search visibility and ranking were all about quality content, I think the internet would be a very different place. Perhaps Google's algorithm would reward the proper use of an Oxford comma and deprecate those that used the passive voice. Maybe long-form content would enjoy more [...]

What To Do With LinkedIn Prospects

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LinkedIn Prospects - You've Found Them - Now What? We've received a lot of great feedback on our post around the best ways to prospect on LinkedIn. But discovering prospects is only part of the process - what do you do with prospects once you've identified them? In our "1 Simple Prospecting Hack To Turn [...]

The 10x Rule – Grant Cardone

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Grant Cardone - The 10X Rule Grant Cardone has become a HUGE force in the world of sales training, business development training, motivation - in fact, if it has money attached to it, this guy probably has an angle to think about. In true motivational speaker fashion - Grant has some tried and true touchstone [...]

SEO Checklist – 10 Things to Do Right Now To Maximize Your Traffic

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10 Things To Do Right Now To Maximize Your SEO Traffic OK - So I used the words "SEO Traffic" in the title of this article because I needed to get the term "SEO" into the H1 tag for SEO purposes. To be direct - this is a 10-point check list to insure that your [...]

Long Tail Keyword Modeling

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The Simple Guide To Long Tail Keyword Modeling We've been on a roll lately talking about the benefits of focusing your search efforts on long tail keywords. Previously, we've shown you a great long tail keyword hack using Google's Keyword Planner, and we've discussed the economics of long tail search can drive greater ROAS and [...]

Why Focus on Long Tail Search?

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Why Focus on Long-Tail Search? As a follow up to our popular Google keyword hack post, we wanted to help understand WHY we want you race down the long-tail of search. Q: WTF Does Long-Tail Mean? A: It means to focus on smaller, more targeted opportunities in search. Instead of trying to optimize for or bidding on [...]

Content Marketing & SEO Success – A Curious Relationship

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The Curious Relationship Between Content Marketing and SEO Traffic Much has been made about content marketing - some say that due to content marketing, SEO is dead, or that content marketing is the new SEO. Content marketing is a wonderful mix of effort and enthusiasm. In order to succeed, you need deep insight about your [...]