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Tim Kilroy

About Tim Kilroy

Hey, my name is Tim Kilroy an I am an experienced entrepreneur. I’ve been working with and for digital marketers since “buying a keyword” on AOL was an awesome strategy.  I live near Boston with my 5 children (yeah, that isn’t a typo), my lovely wife, Julia (check out her entrepreneurial activities Julia Cooks & fair-trade jewelry, I Thought of You).

I am insanely busy. I have started and sold 2 companies (SpinShark, an SEO company – sold to PMX) and most recently, AdChemix, a predictive analytics platform that is now part of EliteSEM. But Selling To The C is a passion – there is so much noise in the business growth space – that I want to bring my 20 years of business experience to help you drive dramatic increases in revenue, sales, customers and more. Other passion projects include The Side Hustle Institute, and the forthcoming Get Your Hustle On Podcast (coming soon!), I blog more about personal things, generally, at www.timkilroy.com.

You can find me on [email protected], on Twitter @timkilroy, Quora –  there are more, but you are probably bored by now.

When I am not working away, I love my kids, pay way too much attention to the Red Sox, and think I am 27.6% funnier than I really am.

Note: All opinions, data, thoughts and whatnot are mine alone. They do not reflect the opinions or thoughts of my employers (if I have one while you are reading this), my clients (if I have any while you are reading this) or anyone else but me.

Have a great day.

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