DotCom Secrets – Russell Brunson – Book Review

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So it is pretty rare that I get all amped up by a marketing book. I read a lot of them, and honestly, so many of them are the same. Do it my way and it's easy - you'll be rich in no time. And while there is some of that tone in DotCom Secrets, [...]

Has SEO Traffic Moved Up The Marketing Funnel For E-Commerce Retailers?

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Has SEO Traffic Has Moved Up The Funnel For E-Commerce Retailers? Organic traffic has lived at the bottom of the marketing funnel for years. Product page SEO was where e-commerce retailers had their focus - grabbing the search customer just before the moment of conversion was the primary goal. But over the last 5 years, [...]

Facebook’s Lead Ads As A Value Driver For E-Commerce

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The Facts Facebook Advertising Spend Will Be $27B By End Of 2016 Cost Per Click For FB Lead Gen Ads Was $0.69 in Q3 2016 - via AdEspresso Facebook Lead Ads & Your Own Landing Pages Work About The Same - via AdEspresso Discounts Make Us Happy - Use Them [...]