7 Growth Marketing Resolutions For 2017

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Make 2017 Your Year of Dramatic Growth It is New Year's Day - 2017 is here (and good riddance to 2016 - what a year)! I am a big believer in resolutions, not so much as a list of tasks to accomplish (e.g., exercise 3 times a week), but rather themes that you [...]

Has SEO Traffic Moved Up The Marketing Funnel For E-Commerce Retailers?

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Has SEO Traffic Has Moved Up The Funnel For E-Commerce Retailers? Organic traffic has lived at the bottom of the marketing funnel for years. Product page SEO was where e-commerce retailers had their focus - grabbing the search customer just before the moment of conversion was the primary goal. But over the last 5 years, [...]

7 Great Backlink Building Guides

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Backlink Building Is Still King For Developing Search Authority If search visibility and ranking were all about quality content, I think the internet would be a very different place. Perhaps Google's algorithm would reward the proper use of an Oxford comma and deprecate those that used the passive voice. Maybe long-form content would enjoy more [...]

SEO Checklist – 10 Things to Do Right Now To Maximize Your Traffic

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10 Things To Do Right Now To Maximize Your SEO Traffic OK - So I used the words "SEO Traffic" in the title of this article because I needed to get the term "SEO" into the H1 tag for SEO purposes. To be direct - this is a 10-point check list to insure that your [...]

Long Tail Keyword Modeling

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The Simple Guide To Long Tail Keyword Modeling We've been on a roll lately talking about the benefits of focusing your search efforts on long tail keywords. Previously, we've shown you a great long tail keyword hack using Google's Keyword Planner, and we've discussed the economics of long tail search can drive greater ROAS and [...]

Why Focus on Long Tail Search?

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Why Focus on Long-Tail Search? As a follow up to our popular Google keyword hack post, we wanted to help understand WHY we want you race down the long-tail of search. Q: WTF Does Long-Tail Mean? A: It means to focus on smaller, more targeted opportunities in search. Instead of trying to optimize for or bidding on [...]

Content Marketing & SEO Success – A Curious Relationship

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The Curious Relationship Between Content Marketing and SEO Traffic Much has been made about content marketing - some say that due to content marketing, SEO is dead, or that content marketing is the new SEO. Content marketing is a wonderful mix of effort and enthusiasm. In order to succeed, you need deep insight about your [...]

1 Simple Keyword Hack To Dominate SEO & SEM

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1 Simple Keyword Hack To Dominate SEO & SEM Dominating search has always been really hard. Competition is stiff, Google is smart, and your resources are limited. Many marketers (but not you, since you are reading this post) think of search as a game of volume - that more traffic is better. So they focus [...]

The Best Damn SEO Guide for eCommerce Retailers Bar None

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The Best Damn SEO Guide for Retailers We've been working in ecommerce for a long time. And we've done SEO for a long time. And we've done more than our fair share of SEO for ecommerce retailers. We've done it for big brands and small brands. We've done it for fashion, for electronics, for hearing [...]