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Choose Yourself – James Altucher – Book Review

James Altucher – The Inspirational, Desperate Nerd Who Can See The Future of Work

James Altucher (AMZN Author Page, His Website) is pretty amazing. He is the poster child of failure porn. He explains, quite viscerally, the pains that come from success, and then failure. He rarely talks about his rise from the depths of despair. Regardless of his obsession with his fall from financial grace, he has a dynamic, exciting view of the future and the future of work. In his 2013 book, Choose Yourself, Altucher paints a skill-based, non-employer-based world of work.

And you know, the way that I just described it, it sounds like it sucks. No security, no benefits, no job. But in Altucher’s world, that is how it should be. You are the one who is creating value, so you should be getting paid for it. You should own your own value rather than be exploited by a company. I was breathless after reading Choose Yourself because Altucher, in his authoritative whining style (seriously listen to his podcast and you will know what I mean – and his podcast is a must-listen, especially the Seth Godin episode) gives us a view into a world of fair pay, fair value, non-time-based work that is exhilarating.

Listen, this book is practically free (at this writing, the Kindle edition is $0.99), and I can’t recommend it enough. This is an inspired piece of emotionally charged business writing. It is raw, and imaginative, desperate and noble all at the same time. I make all my clients read it. You should too. Thank you, James Altucher, thank you.

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